Our platform 

Daily Eggs is a nutritional program for less fortunate people in India. We registered Daily Eggs as a non-profit charity organization in Norway, January 14, 2018. Prior to this registration, we have already been running the charity service for a year in Vellore, in Southern India.

We aim to bridge altruistic people and companies, to people in need of food and better health through the donation of freshly boiled eggs. Simultaneously, we want to stimulate local companies to commit to projects to positively elevate the local society.

We do the following:

1. Engage volunteers, boil eggs and give out two eggs and a piece of bread in and around hospitals in various cities (Vellore, Chennai and soon Mumbai) in India.

2. We strive to creatively approach and engage various companies, schools and other organizations that may contribute positively to society, but also leading to future collaborative works with us. 

Our vision is to promote better health and prevention of disease by providing food, through fresh boiled eggs (“clean healthy nutrition”) focusing on malnourished pregnant and lactating women in India. Altruistic intentions and better health stimulates to the sustainability of our target groups. This will in turn balance out the socioeconomical differences in any given society.

Our long term goal is to elevate poverty stricken areas in society and create equilibrium between people in a given geographical area, while at the same time understanding people’s local and regional functions.