The origins of Daily Eggs

While working in India, Steven, our founder, started distributing boiled eggs from the hotel where he stayed to less fortunate people outside the hospital where he worked. This became a daily routine.

As if posessed by the spirit of Robin Hood, he was not able to find peace after returning to Norway, where he resides. He kept wondering how to maintain a consistent service to hungry people outside the hospital. He asked his cousin Charles in Vellore for assistance, and that's how Daily Eggs started to take shape. Every day, consistently since early 2017, two eggs and a piece of bread was given to 30 people outside the maternity hospital in Vellore.

Due to the simplicity of the idea, more people wished to get involved. Soon two brothers, Andrews and Raja, in Chennai got in contact with us. They started distribution of eggs in Chennai city. In Mumbai Ms. Isha decided to get involved, but because of the current financial status of Daily Eggs and strategical planning, we are still in the process of creating an outlet in Mumbai. 

In January 2018 Daily Eggs was officially established as a charity organization in Norway. Research was conducted to define what role Daily Eggs should have in the complex system of charity. We quickly realized that our organization will not be able to restore the imbalance of food distribution in the world and our ambition was to take care of individual people at the "ground level". Sharing a smile while sharing a meal. We decided that Daily Eggs will focus on malnourished pregnant and lactating women - giving unborn babies a better chance at survival. 

Thousands of eggs were distributed every month. Friends and family of Steven became creative in making money to support the consistent egg delivery. For example, Brenne (14) would be baby sitting after school, Sahana, Steven's cousin, would work on the website and so on.  

After a lot of work, we reached the conclusion that this was a viable idea and that we had a functional team in the organization. We decided to reach out to our friends and invited them to contribute. The idea is for donators to contribute with low, but donations on a regular basis for more consistency.

We in Daily Eggs are proud of our organization and we want to maintain the simplicity to keep the administrative cost low.

We want to invite you to join us in Daily Eggs!